Stealth Cam PX Series Game Camera Combo Batteries and SD Card Review

Stealth Cam PX Series ReviewStealth camera PX series is the high quality camera. This is a combo camera the specifications of game camera. This best trail camera includes a sensor for low light that allow the light to be brighter at night time. This has a small size which increases its effectiveness and produces same productivity on both timings of night and days as well. The video recording allow it to capture the video of 15 seconds. There is also an innovative feature of reflex trigger along with the matrix technology for reducing the blur effect. This also allows the user to set timing according to the convenience so that it can be used in hours in which the user prefers it. There is also a burst mode available in which the camera can take up to 6 images at single trigger. The tagging of time, date, moon phase and document is available. This can help in recording the habits, baseline and behaviors of animals.

Battery life of this camera is great which last for long hours. The range of this camera is 50 ft which is quite enough for normal distances. There are 18 IR emitters which increase the efficiency of this camera. The SD card is amounted in this camera which can carry a large amount of data for the convenience of user. The capacity of SD card is 32 GB. If anyone want to take a clear image or a video of wildlife, that can be done on the trail without any problem just because of this incredible camera. If you’re looking for other best stealth cam trail cameras, you will surely get complete guide from our website. The use of this camera is really easy because of the preset modes which are 3 in this for quick adjustments. The patterns as well as movement of animals can be tracked down along with wildlife. The videos and pictures are easily extracted from the body of camera with the help of mini port of USB that can be plugged in computer without any difficulty. Even there is no need to remove camera from mount for copying the photos, this can be done anywhere in the field. The design of this camera is made carefully to be resistance of weather changes. There are no chances of getting this camera damaged because of any elements. There is also night operation of infrared installed in this that makes it work without even using flash light. The motion sensor also does not create any noise which keeps the target at its position.

Conclusion of Stealth Cam PX Series Review

Overall this is an amazing camera with all the necessary features needed in these modern days. The image has the resolution of 8 MP which is slightly low as compared to other models but with little improvement this can be the perfect camera for combining games.
  • Image sensors for night
  • Reflex trigger
  • 3 preset modes
  • 32 GB memory of SD card
  • Resolution of camera can be increased for better result.
  • Some users experience delay in taking shot

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