Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Review

Stealth Cam G42 ReviewStealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Camera is one of the decent trail cameras available in the market with a mid-range cost price. It has numerous features which makes it suitable for many high demanding hunters who are looking for a feature-packed trail camera. This amazing product is available in two colors. One is in Camo while the other available color is Grey. This availability of two colors gives the buyer a variety and he can choose what he finds best. This camera has a maximum resolution of 10 megapixels and can be set to resolutions of 8MP, 4MP and also 2MP. The quality of captured videos and images is HD and has the ability to record videos from 5 to 180 seconds along with audio. The images are clear and crisp. These images can look as good as images captured with a good DSLR camera. The trail camera is equipped with 42 black IR emitters which detect a range of 100 foot. Moreover, the retina low light sensitivity is a brilliant feature which allows to evenly spread the light and produce a well lit and bright image. Motion pictures can be captured successfully with help of Matrix Blur Reduction system. The trigger time is 0.5 seconds, so you can capture a shot of your game within less than a second. This trail camera allows you to take up to 9 rapid fire shots. If you’re looking for best trail camera in 2018, you need to read our comprehensive buyers guide to finalize your game camera.

It is easy to setup and can be secured with a password. The screen is displayed with Data such as time, date, temperature, moon phase and also name stamp. It has a backlit display. Also, this camera has a USB and video outputs. Supports an SD card up to 32 GB. It can be powered by 8AA batteries and also with external power jack of 12V. This camera is weather resistant and a heavy duty camera. The dimensions are 5.5×4.0x2.5 inches and weigh 11.4 ounces. And it also comes with a great strap with buckle for mounting purposes. If you’re looking for other best stealth cam trail cameras, you will surely get complete guide from our website.

Conclusion of Stealth Cam G42 Review

It is no doubt an excellent trail camera with a great many features. For the price, it is offering to be a very promising and a heavy-duty trail camera. The images captured are of high quality and extremely crisp and vibrant in colors. Many trail cameras may not offer you a variety, but this comes in two colors so you can make your own choice. The strap that it comes with is long enough to wind up on a tree which is 3 foot in diameter and the buckle is strong enough to hold the camera in place. However, with so many great features your expectations with this camera may also arise. It may disappoint you that this camera may capture grainy and a bit unclear nighttime images. Also that, it does not support micro cards which limits your choice of memory card.
  • The trigger time is fast. Takes images within 0.5 seconds only.
  • Captures high-quality Motion images with minimum blurriness.
  • Available in two colors ( Camo and Grey).
  • Night time pictures may turn out blurry especially for 40-50 ft. range.
  • The recovery time is slow. Takes almost 6 seconds to recover.

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