Stealth Cam Digital Scouting Camera, Tree Bark Review

Stealth Cam Digital Scouting ReviewThe Stealth P12 camera is among the reliable and handy cams to have in the field. It is a cheap model that works really well. Compared to other cams that come in this price range, this device stands out due to numerous reasons. Regardless of whether you are looking at cheaper trail cameras or you have eyes set on the ones with hefty price tags, one is likely to consider the picture quality, reliability, and battery life. This camera gives you all of it. The camera has three different image sizes with high, medium, and low being the settings. The high-quality image captured is of 6 MP while the medium and low are 4 MP and 6 MP respectively. A VGA video recorder is also set in it which allows you to capture up to 15 seconds recording in 640 x 480 pixels resolution. The trigger speed might be a problem for you with this camera. There are no official words about it, but it is estimated by users that the trigger speeds fall somewhere between 1 and 2 seconds. If you’re looking for best trail camera in 2018, you need to read our comprehensive buyers guide to finalize your game camera.

Apart from that, the detection range of this model is 50 feet. It means that as the object enters 50 feet boundary, this cam will detect it and get ready for the shot. Moreover, the flash range is also 50 feet which means that you can capture good pictures at night as well. The device uses 8 AA alkaline or lithium only batteries. If you use the alkaline ones, based on the basic image settings, you are likely to get 6 plus months of life. However, with users that prefer lithium ones, the battery life extends even more with a few users reporting up to 12 months long usage. One of the best thing about this camera is that with the help of dial, you can customize the settings easily. Thus, it is a model that is fairly easy to setup, and once you get your hands on the settings, you can take 3 images per trigger, a single capture per trigger, or even a 10 sec video clip. There is another preset option which is burst mode that allows the cam to take up to 6 pictures at a single trigger.  If you’re looking for other best stealth cam trail cameras, you will surely get complete guide from our website.Apart from that, you can opt for the custom settings and then program it in your own way to get the best possible shots.


There are a number of trail cameras on the market that can take pictures with better quality or have more features than this model. However, in this price range, there is hardly any other device that can compete with Stealth Cam Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera Tree Bark.
  • Well built budget camera. One of the easily affordable yet very good trail cam models.
  • Value for money.
  • 12 IR emitters with a range of as much as 50 feet.
  • Good to work even in wet weather conditions.
  • Some night pictures can be a bit blurry.
  • The trigger time is a bit slow.

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