Stealth Cam Compact Scouting Camouflage Review

Stealth Cam Compact Scouting Camouflage ReviewIf you are an individual that loves wildlife photography and want to capture some amazing pictures in the forest, then you may take help from the stealth cam -18. It is an easy to use a model with three various predefined modes that help you in the quick setting. You can use the dial for making adjustments, and it aids you in quick and efficient cam setting. There are a number of features to talk about if you take a look at this gadget. The camera comes with some essential accessories. There is a stealth cam with 7 MP capturing capability and an infrared sensor that works great. There is a slot for 8 AA batteries that are included to help you use it as soon as you receive it. You can record videos and take pictures and store them on the 4 GB SD card that comes along. The mounting strap is also there which help you to attach this gadget to an object and keep it operating for a good time. The tree bark camouflage housing helps it in becoming an ‘unseen’ object when you set it up in woods. You can have a quick glance at the manual before you proceed further.

The 7 MP camera helps you to capture good quality photos. The pictures are stored in the memory card with the slot supporting chips up to 32 GB. It ensures that you can get a bulk of shots and it is likely that you will acquire a few useful images. This stealth cam comes with an infrared range sensor that operates for up to 60 degrees. It means that you won’t have to add an extra flash with your cam to take good quality pictures at night. It will automatically trigger the infrared function and capture clear images. If you’re looking for other best stealth cam trail cameras, you will surely get complete guide from our website. There are diverse shooting modes for you to choose from. The burst mode allows you to capture from 1 to 6 photographs per trigger activation. The video recording is done as per your instructions, and the length can be 5, 10 or even 15 seconds per recording. The cam casing is strong and designed to be weather resistant. With a good card inserted, a fresh pair of batteries, and the right set of settings, you can leave it in woods for months, and it would bring you some seriously good pictures. If you’re looking for best trail camera in 2018, you need to read our comprehensive buyers guide to finalize your game camera.

Conclusion of Stealth Cam Scouting Camouflage Review

For individuals that are looking forward to good trail cams that provide quality images and are reliable, this stealth cam p18 7 MP scouting camera can be a good pick. It has a good memory capacity, decent battery timing, and nice setting options for good image capturing.
  • Package includes all essentials, i.e., camera, casing, batteries, and memory card.
  • Good recording capabilities with easy to program settings.
  • Infrared 60 degrees flash for capturing clear night images.
  • Variable video recording option that helps you in recording videos that are as long as up to 15 seconds.
  • The instructions in manual may be hard to interpret.
  • Custom settings are a bit hard to set.

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