Stealth Cam 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera Review

Stealth Cam 45 No-Glo IR ReviewThe video quality taken from this camera is really amazing because of the 14 MP high resolutions. This is a unique camera with all the desired qualities present in it. Best shots can be taken in both day and night without any problem. To make the image quality best at night time, the no – glow LED lights of 45 are installed in this camera to make it perfect camera for trails. The tagging of photos also takes place with not only date and time but also with the moon phase and many more features. The setup is also easy to run and the lightening system works fast. The programming is really simple and can be understood by all. The case is made of the high-quality material. The range of the flash is 100 feet which ensure taking high-quality pictures even from a distance. The design of this camera is made in a way that it consumes less energy which puts a little burden on the battery. The settings can be customized according to the desire of customer so the password protection works best for the overall security.

The exterior is made of camouflage which makes it look like the surrounding and the camera goes unnoticed. This can be hidden on a tree in any other place. the camera takes pictures with the motion and the best clicks are taken in no time. There is also a strap included in the package which is specially designed to attach this camera to a tree. The card support limit is of 32 GB which is not included in the package. The time coverage works best along with the extension of the light coverage in dim lightning. If you’re looking for best trail camera in 2018, you need to read our comprehensive buyers guide to finalize your game camera.

As this is a no – glow camera, it makes it efficient for both wildlife and security purposes. This is a versatile design which is dependable from every point of view. If you’re looking for other best stealth cam trail cameras, you will surely get complete guide from our website. The video quality is not only good in daylight but the result of the night is amazing because it offers high contrast and a great range of flashlight.

Conclusion of Stealth Cam 45 No-Glo IR Review

The tray of the battery can slide easily which creates no problem while operating. The latch is also made in a way that it works without any flaw. Overall, the complete functioning of this camera works it best for every type of shooting.  It can be used at any place and it remains safe because of the high-quality material used in its production.
  • The recovery speed from this camera is high and it triggers the photo at fast speed.
  • This camera offers a high level of durability
  • As it is shown by 14 megapixel quality, the value of video as well images taken by this camera are great.
  • The speed for video trigger is 1.5 seconds which takes delayed video taking more time to take a shot.
  • The battery is not included in the system so the customer has to choose the high quality of battery for this system to work properly.

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