Moultrie No Glow Invisible Mini A20i Trail Camera Review

Moultrie Mini A20i ReviewIf you are a Moultrie user, then you would know that the company manufactures some seriously good cameras that are appropriate for trail games. They usually come with great picture quality, durable casing, and suitable battery time. This model is a cheap option for individuals that want to try out trail game and test how it proceeds. However, it might not be the best option available to you in the market. There are a few goods and a few bads to this camera, and we will spot it for you.

The cams come with a decent battery time span. If you manage to get a good pair of lithium batteries, then you can run the cam for over 8 months with settings that take 35 pictures during the day and an equal number of captures at night. However, while you vary the settings, the results might be a bit different for you. If you like this brand then you need to  check other best moultrie trail cameras. The resting power is pretty low being only 1.49 mW, and the daytime power consumption as it takes images is 1.4 watts. But it drastically increases at night due to flash and other settings and increases to 7.44 watts.

The camera is also equipped with a great detection circuit. The picture trigger time and recovery speed, considering the price of the cam, is notably good. In fact, there is perhaps no other model in this price range with such decent circuit performance. It takes only 0.7 seconds to trigger for picture and recovers in as low as 1.21 seconds. For videos, the trigger time taken is 1.55 seconds whereas the recovery goes up to 14.3 seconds which is considerably large. The detection range is as much as 50 feet which might be just a little below your expectations.

Coming towards design, it is also nice and smart. The material feels strong with thick plastic used in its manufacturing. There is no flaw considering the latch despite it being a bit different than the ones you regularly see on other trail cams. If you’re looking for best trail camera buying guide 2018 then you’re at right place. The overall case designing is in face awesome. Battery tray gets ejected easily from the bottom of the camera. However, it lacks in programming and screen. It is small, and settings are abbreviated. There aren’t many options for you to use. The worst part perhaps about this camera, despite it being a 12 MP model, is the picture taking ability. It is just not acceptable for a cam that is labelled as 12 MP. You may not even find it anywhere near a 12 megapixels result.

Conclusion of Moultrie Mini A20i Review

Overall, the camera is alright if you are looking for cheap cameras. The circuit is good, and the casing is durable. Battery timing is also acceptable. However, there can be some serious improvement done with the image capturing ability of the product.
  • Battery life can last more than 8 months on appropriate settings.
  • Has a great trigger speed and picture recovery (especially considering the price range).
  • The casing is pretty nice and durable.
  • Picture quality is questionable.
  • Video recovery speed is slow.

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