Moultrie M-888i Mini Game Camera, Mossy Oak Bottomland Review

Moultrie M-888i Mini ReviewThe Moultrie M-888i is a great release by the company to keep up with the requirements of the buyers. Individuals usually look forward to buying either a single cam or in bulk and mostly look forward to the reputable company. Therefore, the manufacturers decided to release it in the form of bulk packages to provide great relief to the individuals. The cams are available to you as a single model and in a bulk offer. With a strong base and great capturing capacity, it surely worth a look from you. The style is a heavy camo therefore if you are looking to use it for home security it should better be considered for outdoors only. The individuals that find it a suitable model to be used for indoor activities should be really careful with where they are going to place it. If you’re looking for best trail camera buying guide 2018 then you’re at right place. However, if you are going to place somewhere in woods or around a swamp, then the RealTree Xtra camouflage design would be damn too hard to be spotted by animals. Even during the day time, when the sun is shining, and rays are falling on the casing, the camera is made up of good material so that the light would not bounce off making it tough to be spotted.

The camera is recommended for intermediate users. There are a number of steps that you need to go through as you are programming the gadget. If you like this brand then you need to  check other best moultrie trail cameras. Thus, it is suggested that intermediate individuals that know trail cameras should put their hands on it. However, to speak the truth, if you are capable of reading the manual and follow instructions appropriately, it won’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. You would be able to set it according to your required usage. The model is pretty durable and built to withstand severe weather and relevant elements. The case is perhaps made up of highest available material and would be able to bear a few drops too. Just in case that you drop it a bit too hard, check out for the noticeable tears in camo designs as there might be a few.

As far as the capturing ability is concerned, it takes 16:9 widescreen images. The photos are taken with its 8 MP lens and regardless of the time when you are capturing, either day or night, you are likely to get clear pictures. They usually look awesome if you look at them on HD screens. Generally, such great quality images with 8 MP cam are hard to find.


In short, the model is durable and can capture high-quality images. With 8 AA batteries per model, you can bank on it for as long as a year depending on your cam settings and how many images/videos you will be taking a day. There are preset power saving settings that you may wish to use.
  • Pictures are too good considering 8 MP cam.
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • Various useful features in the form of settings.
  • Password protection available.
  • Setting it up might be difficult if you haven’t used trail cams.
  • Videos are only 720 pixels.

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