Moultrie A-Series Game Camera with 0.7 s Trigger Speed Review

Moultrie A-Series Game Camera ReviewMoultrie A-series is a camera with innovative design and all-purpose implications. This is completely reliable and to prove this, this comes with the warranty of 2 years. This series has a number of options available in terms of megapixel quality. Here we will discuss the version coming with 12 MP resolution capabilities. It is helpful in carrying out clear pictures of wild objects even at night with the help of ilumi night sensor. This is a game camera that comes with trigger speed along with the efficiency of taking clicks in less than 0.7 seconds. This is helpful in catching the activities and movements that happen really fast. The LEDs attached in flash are 24 and they are helpful in catching the movement even from the distance of 70 feet. It is easy to control the settings because they are of dual resolution. If you’re looking for best trail camera buying guide 2018 then you’re at right place. The person can now choose that where the photos should be saved and what type of image quality is needed.

A waterproof case is also available with this product that is present to protect this from any damage. A mounting strap is attached to that case to carry the camera around easily. The video of about 15 seconds can be shot by this camera that is of really high quality. The storage of this device is up to 32 GB. The battery that should be used in this camera is 8 AA which works for long hours. The lowest resolution available in this camera is 1920 × 1080 while the highest resolution is 4608 × 2592.the exact amount of photos that can be taken by this camera are 16,000 and it can also be connected wirelessly to mobile devices. If you like this brand then you need to  check other best moultrie trail cameras. This is without any doubt the best multipurpose camera available in this price range. The best thing is to use lithium batteries for best type of extended battery life. This is the best type of camera for doing camping and other outdoor activities. This is the best camera for security purposes. This can also be used for fun purpose. When there are small unknown creatures in the garden, ti can help in finding out what they are. This is best for taking pictures of small creatures which is normally not done in many other cameras. Even at night, the right type of angle along with the lightning technique is used for clearly seeing the object in the dark.


This is a great camera with the resolution that can be customized. It gives user maximum control over the device making it more likable. The rapid shot taken by this camera is an amazing feature to make its working quick.
  • Battery life of this camera is of 6.6 months
  • The design is made of a solid casing
  • The detection circuit is firm
  • Night pictures turn out to be really great
  • The setup options of this camera are less
  • The frame rate is slow in day

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