Browning BTC-5HDP HD Pro Trail Game Camera Review

Browning Trail Cameras BTC-5HDP ReviewBrowning BTC-5HDP Trail Camera Review is written after research of hours with hones benchmarks. 

This Strike Force HD Pro trail game cam by Browning is bowling away the competition and quickly becoming favorite of many people that are looking forward to such products.

It is one of the best models that you can work with while you are going for the camera trap set up and is really doing great on the field.

It is a device that is capable of capturing shots up to 18 MP and video resolution of 1296 x 720.


Model # BTC-5HDP | Browning BTC-5HDP HD Pro Trail Game Camera Owner’s Manual

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • 18 interpolated mpxl photos
  • 1280×720 video w/ audio
  • Accepts up to 512 Gig SD Cards
  • Smart IR Video Mode (dynamic video)
  • SD Card Override
  • Picture stamp includes; time, date, moon phase, temperature, and camera ID
  • 12-Volt External Battery Jack
  • 1/4 x 20 threaded insert for Slate River Mount
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (we recommend Lithium batteries)
  • Multi-shot up to 8 images
  • 6-foot camera strap with metal buckle

Picture Quality

  • Photo resolution: 18 mpxl photos (interpolated)
  • Video resolution: 1296×720 w/ audio
  • Flash Type: Red Glow IR

Battery Life

  • Picture & Video Resting Power (on): 0.72 mW
  • Picture Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption: 2.12 Ws | 2.99 Ws
  • Video Daytime/Nighttime Power Consumption: 12.54 Ws | 36.4 Ws

Detection Circuit

  • Picture Trigger & Recovery Speed: 0.3 s. / 1.2 s.
  • Video Trigger & Recovery Speed: 0.44 s. / 1.8 s.
  • Detection Range & Angle: 100 ft. | 39.4° (42.5° F.O.V.)

Quality of Design

  • Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.75″ x 3.25″
  • Battery Type: 6 AA Batteries
  • External Battery Jack: 12-Volt

Video – Browning BTC-5HDP HD Pro Trail Game Camera Review:

One of the best things is that it can capture audio along as well.

With red glow IR flash, it can bring some amazing photos to your collection.

The company has made some serious adjustments to picture quality, and the users look satisfied overall with the images.

One of the biggest thing for wildlife shooters is the battery life, and Browning has paid special attention to it.

It won’t be wrong to say that the battery life does not leave anything behind and there may be hardly any room for improvement.

In picture mode, the set of 6 AA lithium batteries would last for as long as 11.2 months in the field which is some serious time span considering the fact that it only takes 6 batteries.

Also, check other best browning trail cameras.

Even in video mode, it brings the best battery life in the market. Ask it to record 10 seconds videos during day and night, 15 each, and it would last for 4.5 months.

If you are willing to compete with the rapid trigger speed of bunshell, you would be glad to know that this model takes only 0.3s to trigger a picture.

Once the picture is taken, the recovery time required is 1.2s which is still pretty quick.

On the other side,

the video trigger has a speed of 0.44s and takes 1.8 seconds to recover and be ready for the next shot.

With the detection of wildlife from within 100 feet, this trigger speed can bring some seriously good shots to your collection.

Coming onto the design, it is forever durable with Strike Force models, and this is no exception.

It is a super small best trail camera that is easy to carry and conceal.

There is one particular adjustment company made in this model, and that is the metal back bracket that can swivel up and down to as much as 30 degrees and allow you for easy adjustments without having to use the twigs.

Apart from that, the SD card loading and unloading have been made easy too!

Conclusion of Browning BTC-5HDP Trail Camera Review:

This Browning Strike Force HD Pro is one of the best trail cams available in the market.

It is extremely easy to set up and use and won’t take you long to get familiar with.


the device is lavish and is likely to bring desired results for you.

  • Great capturing quality.
  • Night flash range is extremely good.
  • Battery time is awesome.
  • Rapid trigger speed.
  • Weather proof.
  • 11.2-month battery life on 6 AA Lithium batteries
  • 0.3 s. picture trigger speed
  • Incredibly fast video detection
  • A glitch is there in picture recovery time.
  • Night video time is maximum 20 seconds.

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