Best Moultrie Trail Cameras 2018

With the advancement of technology, Trail cameras have also been through the advancement of stages.

These Moultrie Trail cameras are now available in many forms with varying features and functions.

Moultrie is the name of trust and built the authority in the market of trail cameras.

Moultrie offers more than 30 products with good price range so everyone can afford it easily. There may be some products with high price, but those trail cameras are specially designed for professional usage.

We have crafted the list of some most popular and best selling trail cameras of Moultrie.

You can check all of them and select your favorite one according to the features and specs you want.

Let’s get into the overview of best Moultrie Trail cameras to finalize which product will be better for you to purchase.

Moultrie A-Series Game Camera (2017)

This trail camera is the solution for new and professional hunters, which comes with 0.7 s Trigger Speed and also Mobile Compatible.

This trail camera comes with a 2-year warranty.

A waterproof case is also available with this product that is present to protect this from any damage.

A mounting strap is attached to that case to carry the camera around easily.

Apart from these features, this game camera had 32 GB of internal memory which is fair enough to leave or hide the camera for a long time.

There are only a few cameras on the market that gives clear result in night time photography and this Moultrie Trail camera is one of them.

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Moultrie M-Series Game Cameras (2017) | Management Series

Another great product of Moultrie manufacturers is this M-Series Trail camera which is very unique due to its 16 megapixels camera specs.

It is very good in capturing day or night time videos and pictures with HD quality and resolution.

The total battery life of this trail camera is 6.6 months.

Its design is very unique, strong and elegant unlike other trail cameras available on the market.

There are very fewer operations that need to set up, so this camera can be difficult to use.

Another great feature is the fastest trigger speed of 0.3 seconds. The lowest resolution available in this camera is 1920 × 1080 while the highest resolution is 4608 × 2592.

It can also be connected wirelessly to mobile devices. The total number of pictures that can be taken by this camera are 16,000.

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Moultrie A-Series Game Camera with 0.7 s Trigger Speed

This camera is very popular due to its fast trigger speed of 0.7 seconds that can detect the animal within less than a second and capture its picture.

This comes with a feature of Motion Detect Delay.

Once you have captured an image next capture can be delayed for 5, 15, 30 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes as well.

It takes images in 14 megapixels in low resolution of ( 1920×1080 px) and high resolution ( 4992×2808 px).

This trail camera supports 8AA lithium and alkaline batteries which can be able to give the backup of 7 months easily.

No doubt, it is offering a wide range of specifications which can prove to be very essential to the hunters.

This trail camera has the ability to take very clear images in the day as well as in night as well.

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Moultrie M-999i Mini Game Camera

Moultrie is one of the most innovative and creative companies in the field of making game cameras and feeders.

This Moultrie product is an improved version compared to the other models of Moultrie Trail Cameras.

The detection range of the flash is 70 feet, and trigger speed of the camera is just 0.5 seconds.

It also has great recovery time.

This Game camera includes a 2-inch internal viewing screen. The battery backup allows this trail camera to take 15000 pictures.

It supports 8AA alkaline and lithium batteries and 32 GB SD memory card as well.

Some people face the issues in the quality of pictures which is not good for the brand but still, this product is affordable and gives the best value for the money.

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Moultrie Pro (2018) | All Purpose Series Camera

As we know Moultrie had the best products as compared to other brands of the market, here comes another great game trail camera which is designed for multiple purposes.

The products offered by them are not only geared up with high-quality technology but also come with a warranty of a full 2 years.

It can take bright and lush images even at night time.

Like other Moultrie Trail Cameras, This camera also allows you to use 8 AA Alkaline and lithium cells that you have to purchase outside the basic bundle of this trail camera.

Another great feature is that this camera allows multiple spaces for memory cards so you can adjust or use a memory card of your own choice & memory.

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Moultrie No Glow Mini A20i Infrared Trail Camera

Mini A20i is might not be a good product of Moultrie. If you manage to get a good pair of lithium batteries, then you can run the cam for over 8 months with settings that take 35 pictures during the day and an equal number of captures at night.

It takes only 0.7 seconds to trigger for picture and recovers in as low as 1.21 seconds.

For videos, the trigger time taken is 1.55 seconds whereas the recovery goes up to 14.3 seconds which is considerably large.

There can be some serious improvement done with the image capturing ability of the product.

We personally don’t recommend you to go with this product.

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Moultrie PANORAMIC 150 Game Camera

It is among the first cams with panoramic capturing ability in the Moultrie’s lineup. For people that look forward to this feature.

It won’t be unknown that there aren’t many reputable trail cams on the market that offer you a chance to capture panoramic photos.

It comes with a full 150-degree ultra-wide panoramic view.

The motion detection range is also very great. Its elegant design makes it a perfect and quality product.

There are Several custom setting options available in this camera so you can say that this camera is specially designed for beginners as well as professionals.

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Moultrie M-888i Mini Game Camera

M-series of Moultrie was the most popular series in the history of trail camera which introduces many new features and specs.

Night time Pictures are too good considering 8 MP cam.

Some user also agreed that daytime pictures are very clear and sharp as compared to other trail cameras.

This Moultrie Trail Camera comes in small size and lightweight which helps you to adjust or hide this camera on branches of trees.

This trail camera had various useful features in the form of settings which can only be operated by the professional users.

I recommend you, people, to stay away from this trail camera if you don’t know about the basic functionality of trail cameras. This camera is specially designed for advanced users.

You can protect your trail camera with a password.

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Moultrie (2018) | Management Series Camera

This is a high-resolution 20-megapixel trail camera that provides the clear image with sharp details. It has a illume night two sensor that makes the image more bright and clear during night time.

This camera has the ability to withstand exposure to brutal conditions like rain, thunder, and wind.

For a flash range of almost 80 feet, it comes with an invisible infrared LED technology that also provides a matching detection range of 80 feet.

The reliable and the innovative technology give an extra edge to hunters and outdoorsmen.

It has a speedy trigger of 0.3 seconds and comes with an 8*AA batteries of alkaline and lithium. Like other Trail cameras of M-Series, this camera is also mobile compatible.

This camera is designed for beginners and advanced users because it is very Easy to set up.

There are only two flaws in this trail camera, first one is that it doesn’t show the temperature information in the pictures and the second one is that this camera is unable to detect how many pictures are left behind.

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Moultrie A20 Long Range Hunting Game Trail Camera

This camera is a 12 megapixels long infrared camera. That helps to capture a clear image to get the precise details.

The A20 12 Mp camera allows you to find and scout where and how the deer and other targets are moving.

It can also record high-resolution videos at night time as well.

Another great feature is the dual resolution settings of videos. The interface of this trail camera is very easy to operate and use.

Apart from these, This Moultrie Trial Camera comes with 32 LEDs with 850nm night time infrared technology.

There s only 1 flaw of this camera, this trail camera can only support 16 GB memory card.

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