Best Browning Trail Cameras 2018

Browning is well-known brand when it comes to searching best trails camera manufacturers. This brand is a very popular brand in the USA and users are satisfied with the products they manufacture.

Best browning trail cameras are easily available in the market with great features.

Most of the browning trail cameras are available in cheap price, long lasting and give the best value for the money.

You can trust this brand, may be some trail cameras are not for professionals due to price difference but overall they have a very good trail camera with every aspect.

Keep in mind that there is no issue if you’re a beginner or professional hunter, you can check specs of a camera before you purchase it.

That’s why we have crafted the list of most popular browning trail cameras so you can easily choose the right one for you, according to your level of hunting.

Browning BTC5HDE Strike Force Elite Sub Micro Trail Camera:

This is suggested that this trail cam should be used by intermediates or people that are above this mark.

Particularly, if you happen to be using other trail cams, there is a bit higher learning curve due to which we recommend that people that are familiar with such devices should get their hands on it.

Another reason is that there are a number of different features that this device brings to you.

It may take some time for you to get familiar with the camera if you are switching from any other brand.

For those of you that are looking forward to high-end cameras but at a midrange price, this trail camera can do an amazing job.

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Browning BTC-5HDP Strike Force HD Pro Trail Camera:

This trail camera comes with the great 18MP result which can capture great pictures even at night time.

Having great rapid speed makes it perfect one not only for beginners but also for professional hunters. The battery backup is also great so you can fit camera without any hesitation.

The only 1 flaw of this trail camera is that night time video is limited to 30 seconds.

If you are willing to compete with the rapid trigger speed of bunshell, you would be glad to know that this model takes only 0.3s to trigger a picture.

Once the picture is taken, the recovery time required is 1.2s which is still pretty quick. Overall, the device is lavish and is likely to bring the desired results for you.

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 Browning BTC-6HDE Dark Ops Elite Trail Camera

This amazing browning camera comes with great trigger speed which usually captures the mages according to the distance of animals to the camera, especially at night time.

The battery of Browning BTC-6HDE can give the backup of 7 months without any complaint.

Remember, the device achieves with only a set of 6 lithium batteries.

So, when comparing with other trail cams, you would have to keep in mind that there are models that use 8 or even 12 batteries and may not match the battery time of this device.

When it comes to the video at the night time, this camera is also limited to 30 seconds only, though it is not a bad stuff, professional hunters expect more functionality.

Some users also a complaint that daytime pictures are not so good and clear as expected.

So overall, you can say that this camera is good for beginners but not for professionals due to its limited functionality, features, and specs.

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Browning Strike Force HD 850 Trail Camera

A good trail camera d was firstly known by its trigger and shutter speed.

So here comes the best product of browning trail camera, Browning Strike Force HD 850 Trail Camera which is very popular on the market due to its specs over price.

It can record video in the nighttime with 1280×720 HD quality.

This camera can be easily operated by beginners as well as professionals, because of its user-friendly setup.

6AA Lithium and Alkaline batteries can be adjusted easily.

Note that these batteries are not included in the basic package of order, you have to order separately.

The only flaw of this camera is, you have to purchase an external memory card because it camera had not any sd card in its package.

Keep in mind that this camera doesn’t have an internal viewer which can be assumed as a flaw but some beginners take this part on the good side because they need fewer operations while setting up any trail camera.

Overall, we recommend you this product, if you can to look deeper.

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Browning T Games Command OPS Trail Camera

This browning trail camera is physically designed with an appropriate size with the best quality material.

It has a size of 5.25″ x 4.25″ x 3″ dimensions.

It also makes a sound while clicking the photo. Because of its large size, this browning trail camera is easy to operate.

The programming of the browning Games Camera Command Ops is very easy.

14 Mega Pixel of a camera is fair enough to take professional level photos as well as video recordings.

This camera comes with the great feature of infrared flash with makes it best value for the money.

It can allow users to adjust 8 AA Lithium and Alkaline battery so you can get the estimated backup of 10 to 11 months.

120 seconds of video can be recorded easily even at night time.

But some users didn’t like the large design of this trail camera. Summing up to the conclusion, this camera is perfect for professional photographers and hunters.

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Browning BTC5HDXV Trail Hunting Game Camera

This is one of the best products that I personally recommend to users, this browning trail camera comes with LED illuminatination for capturing night time pictures and videos.

The browning trail camera had a fair picture and video quality that impressed the users a lot.

The 12 Mega pixel ultra picture quality is the enough to take clear pictures and snapshots.

It has a long battery life of supporting 6AA batteries. The camera is also featured to have an external power jack of 12 volts.

The camera has a compact case size of 4.5 x 3.25 x 2.5.

The size of the camera is perfect to hide it in the woods and hang it over the trees.

Further, it allows HD quality video recording with sound recording also and this makes it just perfect for your hunting activities.

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Browning Recon Force Fhd Platinum Trail Camera

This camera comes with a 2-inch display screen and a motion sensor whose sensitivity is very high.

The day time photos taken by this trail camera are very clear, sharp and great quality.

It comes with the technology which helps to overcome the blurry result of fast moving animals and objects.

The functionality of this trail camera is very user-friendly, so the beginners can also operate this camera easily.

The weight of this best browning trail camera is 1.5 pounds.

It has nice small and easy to carry dimensions which to be exact are 4×2.5×5 inches.

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Browning ELITE Sub Micro Trail Camera (10MP)

Browning ELITE Sub Micro Trail Camera comes with great trigger speed and the flash range of this browning product is 100 foot.

Trigger speed of 0.4 seconds and recovery speed of .8 seconds makes it an efficient trail camera.

Another great feature of this trail camera is that you can use rapid fire mode to take 8 multi shots at the same time with some chunks of intervals.

There is very useful information on the screen of this camera, you can get the date, time, temperature which suits the animal to appear.

It gives the best HD result in night videos.

The manufacturers of this product claim that the night time quality of videos is 1080p HD but the real Quality of videos are 720 HD resolution which is also fair enough.

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Browning BTC8FHDPX Spec Ops FHD Trail Camera

This is one of the coolest products of browning trail cameras, which comes with the 20 mega pixel result of pictures.

The clear and sharp images make it perfect product to buy either you are a professional user or beginner.

The detection speed of this trail camera is fair enough.

It can capture image from the range of 80 foot.

One of the major flaws of this product is that you cannot protect it with a password.

Else, this product is the perfect one for you to buy at any time.

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Browning Strike Force HD Camera, Camouflage

This amazing tail camera of the Browning brand is weatherproof which comes with python cable lock.

Due to this elegant design, you can easily hide it with comfort.

It has good detection range in day and night time. The picture and videos quality is also fair enough.

This camera can be used at any place because it is weather proof.

The temperature range tolerable by this camera is of -20 – 120 Fahrenheit.

Some users face the problem when they want to take out the memory card. The plastic handle is also made with the low-quality material.

Overall, this product is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

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