Best Trail CameraProbably, you are looking for best trail camera of 2018 which can allow you to see patterns in animal movements.

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We have crafted the list of top 10 best trail camera reviews for you which can help you with your hunting.

There are a lot of brands and variety of best trail cameras with great features and specs.

So, how you can finalize your best trail camera for the money?

Here comes the help of our editor’s and the team who did the research well and make a list of best quality, best selling trail cams of 2017 and 2018 for you.

Below you can check reviews of our good, great, cheap, affordable, top rated and top selling trails cameras with possible specs, features and durability before you make a purchase.

Each of them has been getting some great ratings and reviews according to reliability and resources like security and fun or any other purpose.

Let’s get into the comparison chart and have a happy hunting together.

Our top pick from this list of 10 best trail cameras 2018, is the Browning Strike Force Camouflage; which is available under 130$.

Browning strike force comes with 10 pixels picture quality which allows you to capture great pictures.

It can record high-quality videos clips for 120 seconds; video and picture quality and the specs, features make it a worthy investment, Recommended by our Editors.

Best Trail Cameras 2018 Comparison Table

Trail CamAvailable InReliabilityCustomer RatingCheck Price
Browning Strike
Editor's Choice
USAGreat100/100 Check Price
Stealth G42NG USAGreat90/100 Check Price
Stealth G30USAGood100/100 Check Price
Moultrie M-880USAGood85/100 Check Price
Moultrie M-990iUSAGreat100/100 Check Price
Reconyx HC500USAGood90/100 Check Price
Browning Ops XRUSAGood80/100 Check Price
Plotwatcher ProUSAGreat90/100 Check Price
Wildgame InnovationsUSAGood90/100 Check Price
Browning Recon FHDUSAGreat95/100 Check Price

Best Trail Camera Reviews 2018

1) Browning Strike Force Camouflage Review – Best of 2018

Best trail cameras 2018Mostly, the people that belong to the field of hunting, they love to seek adventures.

How beautiful is it if they can record and save memories?

The Browning Strike Force, Camouflage is the invention is the product that designed to capture these memories.

There are a lot of options available in the market but this is our best choice because there are many features in this trail cam that you also need to know before you make a purchase.

10 megapixels picture quality enables you to make high-quality pictures.

Not only pictures, you can also make high-resolution videos up to 120 seconds.

Moreover, the trigger speed of this best game camera is 0.67 sec and infrared flash ranges to 100 feet in the night.

Browning Buck Watch time-lapse viewer software allows you to capture pictures in the interval.

One more excellent feature is that you can capture 8 photos per trigger within 3 seconds of the interval.

Which makes the hunting photos more fascinating.


you can capture 6 photos with one trigger with the help of rapid burst. The battery life of Browning Strike is long lasting, that allows you to capture 10,000 pictures.


  • This product is available in smaller size, product weighs only 1 pound which is more user-friendly than others.
  • Due to its unique camouflage design, it is very effective in blending on trees. I personally love this feature.
  • This camera is available in very affordable price because you can take a dual task from it, either you are looking for trail camera which can help you in capturing video or taking snapshots, this is best for the money.
  • Video recording option allows you to record up to 2 minutes with 720p HD resolution.
  • Its photo quality is also exceptional in that it can take 10-megapixel resolution images without getting blurry, so you can easily zoom in. Images will never pixilated due to the high resolution.

Our Verdict:

Similar to the other trail cameras on the market, this camera also have some cons.

But overall performance is best and the specs are great that a user can expect.


the trigger option is a bonus for the user because it doesn’t compromise in the quality of consistently taken 8 photos and give its best.

On the other hand,

this product is perfect for hunter and adventures having all those features that a user can expect at the affordable price.

We highly recommend this product!

  • Rapid Trigger
  • Metal Clip instead of plastic buckle
  • 6 batteries with long lasting backup
  • Can create sharp pictures
  • Cheap Plastic handle
  • Doesn’t have any field viewer

2) Stealth Cam G42NG – Best & Top Selling of 2017

Best Selling Trail Cameras

GSM outdoor is one of the best brand and manufacturer.

This brand gains a strong and valuable reputation for making best and affordable trails cameras and other hunting gadgets.

Stealth Cam G42NG is one of the best product which is the most popular trail camera of 2017.

90% of people rated this camera above 4 stars because it is not only affordable but also comes with great features.

This camera was top selling of 2017, the specs, resolution, quality, and price are better enough that they can even compete with the other expensive trail cameras.

It has super battery timing, high-quality snapshots, and very fast triggering.

This camera covers 60 feet area with its detection circuit. Moreover, black infrared emitters are capable to detect motion up to 100 feet.

Keep in mind that the detection distance depending on the heat mass of the object.

Another best feature is it uses Multi-Zone detection that allows covering the area you want.

Most of the trail cameras cover only one angle but this Multi-Zone feature allows it to cover 3 angles; wide-angle zone, narrower zone and medium one, make sure the distance detection should be long.

Just like Browning Strike Force, Camouflage Trail Camera; this game camera also has 10 Megapixel (MP) with four options of 8MP, 4MP or 2MP as well as maximum resolution.


it’s totally up to you if you want a high-resolution picture that maybe you need external memory card but you can also set image quality of 8,4,3 MP.

Not only images or snapshots, your wild photography can also amaze people if you will be able to record some chunks of videos too.

Here comes the great feature of video recording in which you can also record video up to 6 minutes.

Short clips of 5 seconds to 180 seconds and be more attractive than snapshots. In video recording, it allows you two options of resolution; 720p HD resolution as well as 1080p HD resolution.

Overall image quality is best, especially the daytime images are good enough.

Night vision images may be unable to impress buyers. Some buyers reported the blurry images issue if the photo is taken in the night but then the daytime captured stuff covers this con because of the contrast and sharpness of daytime images.

The flash of Stealth G42NG is capable to cover the range of 100 feet and can easily illuminate the large area.

The flash of Stealth Cam is too bright, sometimes it causes whiteness on the objects that are close enough to the camera.

Another feature of Stealth G42NG camera is burst mode which allows taking 1 – 9 pictures per trigger.

As we know, we can record video up to 180 seconds, but you should also know that stealth camera also record sound as well as high definition video.


According to the price and features, this camera is competing for expensive trail cameras on the market.

You can say this is the best trail camera for the money.

It is the most reviewed trail camera of 2017 and 90% of buyers are happy with its results over price.

We recommend this product but you need to have a look at cons before you take a final decision.

  • High-Quality Videos with Sound
  • Geo-Tagging
  • Multi-Zone Detection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not the good recovery time
  • Some photos create whiteness on close objects.

3) Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Game Camera – Cheap (Affordable) Trail Cam:

Cheap (Affordable) Trail CamsMost of the available trails cams aren’t easy to use, very difficult to set up and use but the stealth G30 game camera is very user-friendly and easy to set up anywhere anytime.

Of course, when you purchase this item, you will get manual with it and things are very easy to follow.

All you need is to follow simple steps of instructions and you are ready to configure it.

You also have the great option to set up in your own way.

It means you are not limited to fitting.

Unlike the above 2 trail cameras, this game camera has 8-megapixel resolution image sensor.

So the daytime pictures are sharp, clear and have good contrast.

Due to the Retina Technology, 30 IR emitters can take high-resolution images even the light is dim.

Though you want daytime or nighttime images, you can even get the best quality images taken during rain.

Stealth Brand is very popular nowadays, you can trust in their any model but there are some possible cons to them.

Coming back to the G30 Trail camera review,

this product is mid-range and reliable game camera. After reviewing the specs, you’ll come to know that either this trail camera is best for you or not.

Many people take interest in affordable and mid-range trail cams but they are much difficult to set up.

G30 is designed in such a way that user can set it up easily and operate in minutes.

As we already mentioned above is the best trail camera to capture daytime wildlife, some buyer reviewed that this is the only product which has decent results even in rain.

The performance of the camera is very unique and due to its matrix, the blur reduction built into its design.

Not only high-quality pictures, this camera can record videos, along with audio. Although, you need to buy an external memory card for storage.

Also, check other Best Stealth Cam Trail Cameras.

It supports memory card up to 32 GB. The low price is already a bonus and a gift so, don’t expect any gift with this stealth game camera.

This camera had a lot of professional features in it like the speedy trigger, great battery backup, and a pretty case.

You don’t need to worry about hunting and security, this camera will be your worth buying.


There is a possibility to improve the resolutions of images in next models but still this trail camera is incredible and best for the money.

It has great battery backup and power saving mode that is more than important.

  • HD video recording 5-180 seconds
  • Quick Trigger Speed
  • Test Mode
  • LCD Status Display
  • 8 AA Batteries
  • Image quality is serviceable
  • Longer Recovery Time

4) Moultrie M-880 – Good Trail Camera

Good Trail Cameras

Moultrie M-880 is a popular camera with good ratings.

This camera was the most demanding camera of 2016 and 2017 because of its mid-range price relative to its price.

70% of the camera in this price range had issues of night images but this camera is totally free of this issue.

It is a reality that Moultrie gave the proper value due to faster trigger, longer night range, and the longer detection zone.

The size of Moultrie M-800i is pretty good and very easy to hide too.

This product had 8 MP resolution which is decent quality to take images.

It can record HD video, either that is day or night, with audio. Another great feature is the motion reducer which avoids the blurry result in the night.

The speed of trigger is less than 1 second, and range of the low infrared flash is 100 ft.

Normally this camera needs 8AA batteries to run. Another spec of this best trail camera is a great limit of 9500 images per recharge.

It means once you recharge it, you can take 9500+ images on average.

This camera is competing for other best selling and expensive trail cameras.

But there are some other upgraded models of M-880 which covered the past cons. The Moultrie M-880 also have a trigger speed of 1 second which is enough to take any snapshot of nearly moving animal.


Price of the camera is very affordable, you will get this trail camera under 100$.

But there are some upgraded cameras of this model like M-880i and M-990i.

You will get more feature in upgraded versions but this camera is also incredible enough to purchase if you are short on budget.

  • Great Price
  • 100 feet Flash Range
  • Great results in night too.
  • Go through Batteries Quickly
  • Sporadic functioning

5) Moultrie M-990i Game Camera – Best under 100$

Best trail cameras under 100$Moultrie manufactured another great trail camera (M-990i) with very good features and specs in 2014.

This is the upgraded version of M-880 and M880i trail camera with more stunning features.

Unlike M-880, this trail cam comes with 10 MP resolution with IR Flash feature and the best thing is this camera also supports Eye-Fi SD card.

This camera gives the best result especially in night time photos just because of a 10-megapixel camera.

It is not only limited to high-quality images, you can also record videos with sound.

You will never face blurry results in images because of motion freeze technology.

This model also has 36 invisible infra-red flash LEDs with makes it unique product. Trigger speed of M-990i is 0.79 seconds, which is very great.

The recovery time of M-990i is not so good because some trail cameras are able to give more speed more than 5.4 seconds.

As we reviewed above product (M-880), that product had 100 feet detection range but this camera is limited with 40 feet of detection rate.

Flash Range of Moultrie M-990i is 70 feet, which allows you to capture an image with 7.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches of Dimensions.

The range of this camera is lower than other options that are easily available in the market.

The casing of this trail camera is very great, the New technology of Mossy Oak was introduced in this model of Moultrie.

You can also check other Best Moultrie Trail Cameras.

The unique feature is the “Quick Start” option, it reduces the time of hunter and with quick start option, he is just ready to go.

There may be some flaws in this camera but relative to its price of about 100$ this is perfect for any user.

No one can expect all of these features in this price.

So, look no further, if you’re ready to bear the cons then feel free to purchase this item.

Just one suggestion that I just want to give you is to set the camera in a clear place if you want to capture clean and high-quality images.

One more thing, Battery life is very decent, even you can leave it for 8 to 9 months on a tree.


If you want to save your time and money, you can go with Moultrie M-990i because it is a very decent and quality product.

There are many better trail cameras available in the market but this one is affordable with great features.

Personally, I’ve never seen such features in this price range.

  • Built-in internal viewer
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Vivid color day images
  • Poor Design
  • Slow recovery time of 5.4 seconds

6) Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 – Most Expensive Trail Camera:

Expensive Trail CamerasNo doubt Reconyx HC500 is most expensive trail camera in the market.

This camera is manufactured by Reconyx only for the serious hunters, yes you heard it right.

This model is not for beginners but for the intermediate and advanced users.

You must have a grip on settings and experience of before you purchase this item.

Hc500 comes in 2.4 pounds of weight which need the perfect place to fit in, otherwise you there might be chances of damage.

People who are looking for the best trail camera with zero flaws, they can go with this product without looking further.

The fastest trigger speed of 0.29 is a very cool feature in it.

According to its price, Reconyx can’t compromise on the quality of images so they use Ultra HD IRTM camera lens in the HC500 model.

Default batteries in these best trail cameras are 12AA but you can also adjust 6AA batteries without disabling or alternating any function.

The best backup of the battery allows you to leave this camera for 1 year easily.

Once you purchase it, you can use it continuously for 1 year. The range of night vision is up to 50 feet.

The best function that I like is that you can use alternate batteries of 6AA instead of 12AA without cutting down any function.

It comes with 1 year of money back or replacement warranty.

There is the only flaw in this camera that it only supports windows program but unable to operate in Macintosh computers.

Well, the rating of this camera is highest in the market.

It is one of the tops and best-rated camera with #5 ranking.

If you are a serious hunter, you can buy it anytime because it is the trouble-free camera for the next decade.

Hopefully, you will surely not face any issues.

Some user gave an opinion to add external battery jack but 2-year battery backup doesn’t require an external jack.

Its detection zone is nearly perfect. The detection range can hit 60 ft. which is great by today’s standards.

The detection rate of this camera is 60 feet, having the fastest detection circuits on the market.

Since this camera is only for images, we are unable to detect the recovery speed and trigger speed for videos.

This camera can take 35 day time and 35 night time pictures every 24 hours.


In our opinion, Reconyx is charging 400$ to 450$ just because this is trouble-free camera with near about zero flaws.

This is the best trail camera ever made. So, look no further and buy this product if you are a serious hunter.

  • Best battery life
  • 5 Power Consumption (Daytime) & 2.3 Power Consumption (Daytime)
  • 9 seconds recovery speed
  • 29 seconds trigger speed
  • Now such flaws reported

7) Browning Trail Camera (Range Ops XR) – Best Budget Trail Cam

Best Budget Trail CamsBrowning Ops range XR is an upgraded version of the Browning range ops trail camera with great features and specs.

It is mid-level range camera which comes with fast trigger speed as well as the High-resolution quality of both, images and videos.

No doubt it is professional grade product which can be used by professional hunters efficiently.

Browning Range Ops XR had a great design which can adjust easily and strongly.

I personally like the strongly manufactured design of this good trail camera, it can blend easily but maybe you face a slight issue with the latches.

You can operate a Backlit LCD Screen which is neither so big in size nor the smaller one.

8AA lithium and alkaline batteries are able to provide a long battery life.

8-megapixel camera with 4 adjustable settings can be set high quality images even you can set it to 1.3 megapixel if needed.

It can take images and snapshots with a delay of five seconds if you want high quality images but there is another feature known as “Rapid Fire” mode which allows you to take five images with a delay of 0.3 seconds.

Some users reported blurry photos issue in rapid fire mode but this issue can be acceptable because 0.3 second delay can’t be feasible much.

Another flaw of this camera is graininess issue in night time photos, though day time images are clear enough.

You have to install Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software to operate this timelapse feature.

Browning Range Ops XR use infrared LED for night time photos for better results.

This camera is very easy to operate and available in very affordable price. Although this game camera is not limited with photos, but you can also record videos from 30 seconds to one or two minutes long videos with 1280*720 and 640 x 480 high resolution quality.

This camera had a decent image and video quality to record small clips of videos with sound.

The detection range of browning range ops Xr is 50 feet while Flash range is about 6 ft with great trigger speed. Like 90% of trail cameras, you can face quality difference between night time photos and day time images.

Another feature of browning ops xr trail camera is that it supports SD Card slot, TV out, USB port and 12 V eternal battery port.

Whereas, latches of the case are very difficult to open and close, this can be good in security impact but some users are annoying at this problem.

As we already mentioned, you can record videos upto 2 minutes but night time videos are limited to 10 seconds only.


There are a couple of reasons due to which we are getting hesitate to recommend this camera.

There are some better options available on the market.

This camera is not reliable in night time photos. Some users reported graininess and blurr photos even if it is set to be default settings.

If you can face these issues, you can go with it but we recommend you to look at other options as well.

  • SD Card slot, TV out, USB port
  • Long battery life
  • Rapid fire mode
  • Very fast trigger time
  • Blurry night time photos
  • Night time video clips are limited to 10 seconds

8) Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Cam – Best Rated Trial Camera

Best Rated Trial Cameras 2018Day 6 plotwatcher Trail camera is a very useful camera for beginners due to lack of customizing options.

May be lack of customizing options can frustrate advance or intermediate users, but beginners can easily operate it.

Widea-Angle Lens can be added to this camera.

This product can take 100,000 pictures in 6 days while other trail cameras are limited to 20,000 pictures.

This HD camera can take pictures in every 5 to 10 seconds if a rapid mode is turned off.

We can’t judge trigger speed because this camera only use time lapse technology.

We can fit 8 AA lithium and alkaline batteries which can give backup of 4 months easily.

When it comes to video recording, this camera can record entire video and give the whole story of 24 hours in just 3 minutes.

The 2.5 LCD is setup to saw pictures and recorded videos. You can fit this camera easily because of its small size and a band which is very helpful to bend it around the tree.

Users rated this product 4.5 out of 5 because it can record 1 million video images easily.

It had a great video resolution of 1,280 x 720 HD quality and supports 64 GB SD memory card in it.

This trail camera also supports add-on zoom lens. But there is no option of flash in it, so you can’t expect any good results in night videos and images.

Trigger speed can’t be judged because it have Time-lapse photography mode only.

This camera is not manufactured for advance users but for beginners only. New Wide angle Lens can be added easily for better HD results.

Without adding Lens you will still get 1075 x 768 pixels picture quality which is fair enough. There are some flaws too in it, this camera have very lack of detection circuit.

There are some chances that you will also face the problems in zoom functionality but you can add set this flaw by using a wide angle lens.

Due to its limitation of a time lapse, there are some advantages too, you are not limited of detection circuit so this flaw can also be covered.

Some people think that the absence of the detection circuit is the negative thing but there are some advantages to its absence that we already mentioned above.


If you’re looking for best home security and hunting camera, then day 6 plotwatcher Pro HD Cam is the best option for you.

The buyers rated positively because it is one of the best user-friendly trail camera on the market.

Due to its small size, a hunter can adjust easily anywhere to take great snapshots and video clips.

This camera doesn’t have a detection circuit but don’t take it negatively, there are some advantages of its absence.

  • Best option for beginners
  • Supports 64 SD memory card
  • 4 months battery life
  • 1280 * 720 HD quality
  • Price is high relative to its features
  • No Flash
  • Not for night time photos and video

9) WildGame Innovations Blade 5X – Best for the Money

Best trail camera for the MoneyWildGame innovations blade 5X is smallest trail camera on the market having 1-second trigger speed and able to capture Photos and HD 720p video (30 secs).

The Resolution Blade 5X camera is 5 Mega pixels which is not so good because users have other better options and now a days 10 megapixels is normal in every trail camera.

The Wildgame Blade 5x Game Camera is designed with 50-foot flash range, You can simply hang it to help track game.

Because of its bungee cords in high quality trail camera with an 18-piece high intensity infrared LED.

It supports memory up to 32GB SD/SDHC card but it is not included with basic order.

Another great feature is this trail camera includes USB port in the interface. It also allows 8 AA cell batteries of lithium and alkaline which give the great backup of 9 months.

There is an addition of items like USB cable, bungee cords and the total weight of the camera is only 1 pounds.

This camera is also able to stamp the time, temperature, location and moonphase which give the proper information of the appearance of animals.

This trail camera is manufactured for beginners due to its limited functionality.

The Wild Game Innovations Trail camera is durable, portable and ideal for quickly assessing images from any angle.

It comes with a built-in SD/SDHC slot for cards up to 32GB. The Trail Tab uses a dual-core chip and has a high resolution 7 multi-touch display to enable clear and intuitive viewing of your photos.

Additionally, all applications and data are stored together with the GB of internal memory, that can also be used to save images for viewing afterwards.

The trail camera also includes Wi-Fi connectivity for connecting to networks and other devices, a 3.5mm headphone jack, microUSB port, and a water- and weather-resistant build.


There are some better options available on the market that you might look before taking this camera because of low price, there are very limited features in this trail camera.

However, if you are new in hunting and don’t want to spend much buck than you can try this camera.

One thing I must say is the size of this camera is very cool, you can handle and adjust this camera anywhere anytime.

Taking together, the price relative to its features is fair enough because you can’t expect the professional results in just 80$.

So, if you are not die hard hunter and want a camera just for minor security then you should buy this product.

  • Unique Small size
  • Compatible with SD cards
  • Terra IR Trail Camera
  • Low price (suitable for beginners)
  • Very limited features
  • Not for professional users

10) Browning Recon Force FHD – Best Trail Camera Reviews

Trail Camera Reviews 2018Browning Recon force is another best product with great features and specs.

It is mid level range camera which comes with fast trigger speed as well as high resolution quality of both, images and videos.

There are very rare cameras which give high resolution pictures even in the night time, and this product is one of them in affordable price.

I personally recommend this camera because no one will get a good and professional trail camera in 2018 with these specification only in 100$ to 150$.

The resolution of this best trail camera is 8 MP but you can set it to 1.3, 2 MP, and 4 MP too. The video result is also exports 1280×720 HD and 640×480 Resolution as a result.

Have a look on other best browning trail cameras.

These resolutions are same as other high priced and best selling product that are available in 200$+.

Browning Recon HD cam comes with very fast 0.7 sec of trigger speed and recovery speed of 2.2 seconds.

Some Low profile trail cameras haven’t good detection speed but this item can detect movement upto 50 feet.

The flash range of Browning Recon HD Trail camera is not 65 feet which helps to capture clear and sharp pictures.

Like other trail camera that we reviewed above, this trail camera supports 32GB SD memory cards easily. The functionality and spec can be operated by beginners as well as advance users.

This camera gave the backup of 6 to 8 months in picture only mode, but if you are willing to record videos, you have to change batteries, it supports 8 AA lithium and alkaline batteries which are not included in the basic order, you have to purchase them separately.

This great product have unique modes like, Time lapse, Infrared, Motion Detection and HD video which makes it perfect for advance and professional users.

Not only for the advance user, beginners can also operate this camera because it is one of the best user friendly trail camera of 2018.

It can detect Time, Date, Temperature, Moon phase and Camera ID and this information is the main thing for getting information of animals.

This information is helpful for hunters to judge the nature and movement of animals.

Ending up the Best Trial Camera Review with the good news that Browning camera comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Browning recon HD Trail camera is one of the best value cameras that can be operated by advanced users as well as beginners.

Night time photos and daytime photos are fair enough.

When it comes to the picture quality, No issue had been recorded by users.

We highly recommend this product because people who purchased this item are very satisfied and enjoying the incredible features in cheap price.

  • Indicator light
  • 12V auxiliary power port
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 5in x 4in x 2.75in Camera Size
  • Great results in night time images
  • Low battery backup in HD Video mode
  • Batteries are not included in package